BASIL Cento Alu Rear Basket WSL - Black

$159.95 $169.95


The Basil Cento Alu WSL is a modern bicycle basket that can be attached to the back of your bike. The black basket is also lightweight due to its aluminum construction. With a size of 45 x 32.5 x 21 cm and a capacity of 21 liters, you can easily carry a messenger bag, school bag or a sports bag with along with you. Handy for multiple purposes!

The bike basket is easy to attach to your luggage rack with the pre-assembled WSL system. Thanks to this system, the basket can be firmly attached to your rear carrier. Do you have an electric bike? If so, then this system will fit perfectly on your luggage carrier. The WSL system is adjustable in length and width, which makes it suitable for many different racks and e-bikes, both men’s and women’s.


– Easy to mount on any bike, including e-bikes!
– Includes WSL system for a fixed mounting on your luggage carrier.
– Lightweight basket made of aluminum.