Baradine Promax DSK-400 Disc Brake Pads - Organic Semi Metal

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Baradine Promax DSK-400 Disc Brake Pads - Smooth, Quiet Braking Performance

Ultimate Stopping Power:

Experience unparalleled braking performance with Baradine Promax DSK-400 Disc Brake Pads. Engineered for extreme stopping power, these pads provide precise modulation and control, allowing you to ride with confidence in any situation.

Smooth and Quiet Braking:

Enjoy a smooth and quiet braking experience with these organic semi-metallic brake pads. The specially formulated compound ensures minimal noise and vibration, while the stainless steel backing plate enhances heat dissipation, preventing brake fade for consistent performance on every ride.

Wide Compatibility:

Designed to fit a wide range of disc brake calipers, the Promax DSK-400 pads offer versatility and compatibility with various bike models. Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, or commuter bike, these pads are an ideal choice for upgrading your braking system.

Easy Installation:

Simplify your brake pad replacement process with the easy-to-install Promax DSK-400 pads. The set includes one thick 5.5mm pad and one standard 4mm pad, ensuring a perfect fit for your brake system. With straightforward installation instructions, you'll be back on the road in no time.

Key Features:

  • High-performance organic semi-metallic compound
  • Smooth and quiet braking experience
  • Stainless steel backing plate for heat dissipation
  • Compatible with a wide range of disc brake calipers
  • Easy installation with included pads of different thicknesses

Upgrade your braking performance today with Baradine Promax DSK-400 Disc Brake Pads and enjoy smooth, quiet braking with exceptional stopping power and modulation for a safer and more enjoyable ride.