Azur Performance Pro Range - Beta

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Experience Supreme Comfort with Azur Performance Pro Range - Beta

Ultimate Comfort for Extended Rides

Elevate your cycling experience with the Azur Performance Pro Range - Beta, featuring a special U-Style design with high-density foam. Enjoy extended rides with reduced pressure and minimized vibrations for unparalleled comfort.

Innovative Design and Features

  • Special U-Style Design: The saddle's unique U-Style design is crafted for optimal pressure release, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.
  • High-Density Foam: The incorporation of high-density foam enhances comfort by absorbing vibrations, providing a smooth and cushioned cycling experience.
  • Hi Tensile Steel Rail: The saddle's hi-tensile steel rail adds durability and stability, contributing to the saddle's overall longevity.
  • Size and Weight: With dimensions of 174x275mm, the saddle offers ample seating space while maintaining a lightweight profile at just 535g.

Size, Weight, and Durability

Optimal Dimensions: The Azur Performance Pro Range - Beta is sized at 174x275mm, striking the perfect balance between spaciousness and sleek design. Weighing only 535g, it ensures a lightweight addition to your bike without compromising on durability.

Affordable Comfort Upgrade

Price: Elevate your cycling comfort with the Azur Performance Pro Range - Beta, now available at the discounted price of AU$24.95 (was AU$29.95). Buy Now! and enjoy the perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and durability.