Azur Performance Mudguard M2 Armour Downtube Mount Road - Front

$19.95 $24.95


Upgrade Your Ride with Azur Performance Mudguard M2 Armour Downtube Mount Road - Front

Enhanced Riding Experience

Transform your road biking adventures with Azur Performance Mudguard M2. Enjoy an enhanced riding experience with reduced splashes and mud, keeping you and your bike cleaner during your journeys.

Key Features for Optimal Protection

  • Thermoplastic Polymer and Rubber: Crafted from high-quality materials, the mudguard provides a durable shield against debris, ensuring a longer lifespan for your bike.
  • Downtube Mount: Engineered for a secure downtube mount, offering a reliable and stable attachment that stays in place during your rides.
  • Soft Thermoplastic Rubber: Designed to fit different downtube shapes, the soft thermoplastic rubber ensures a snug and flexible fit, providing comprehensive protection.

Versatile Compatibility

  • Suitable for a wide range of bikes, from road to electric bikes, and compatible with various tyre sizes from 26" to 700C, ensuring adaptability to different bike configurations.

Affordable Upgrade

Elevate your bike's performance and aesthetics with Azur Performance Mudguard M2 at the discounted price of AU$19.95 (was AU$24.95). Enhance your cycling experience, reduce splashes, and protect your bike. Shop Now! for the ultimate riding upgrade.