Azur Performance Alloy Clever Valve Pump With Gauge - Black

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Elevate Your Cycling Experience with Azur Performance Alloy Clever Valve Pump

Efficient Inflation at Your Fingertips

The Azur Performance Alloy Clever Valve Pump revolutionizes your cycling preparation, providing efficient and hassle-free inflation. Say goodbye to flat tires and hello to smooth rides with this versatile floor pump.

Lightweight and Versatile Design

  • Lightweight Alloy Construction: Experience the perfect blend of durability and portability with the lightweight alloy build.
  • Swivel Hose Convenience: The swivel hose ensures easy pumping from any angle, enhancing your overall inflation experience.
  • Clever Valve Head: Equipped with a Schrader/Presta clever valve head, making it compatible with a variety of valve types for added convenience.
  • Kraton Rubber Handle: The comfortable Kraton rubber handle ensures a secure grip, allowing you to pump effortlessly.

Wide Reach and Precise Inflation

  • Extra Adaptors: Comes with additional adaptors for ball and air bed inflation, adding versatility to your pumping needs.
  • Wide Handle and Base: The wide handle and base provide stability and control, making the pumping process efficient and comfortable.
  • Pumps up to 160psi: With a high-pressure capacity of up to 160psi, this pump ensures precise inflation for your bicycle tires.

Elevate Your Cycling Setup Today

Avail the Azur Performance Alloy Clever Valve Pump at a discounted price of AU$34.95 (was AU$59.95). Shop Now and enjoy a seamless cycling experience with efficient and precise tire inflation.