Azur Co2 Cartridge

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Ultimate solution for quick and efficient tyre inflation. Designed for cyclists seeking convenience on the go, Azur's compact and lightweight cartridge delivers a burst of compressed CO2 gas, allowing you to swiftly inflate your bike tyres without the need for a pump. Whether you're fixing a flat on the road or preparing for your next adventure, Azur CO2 Cartridge is your reliable companion for a smooth and hassle-free ride. Requires CO2 Mini Pump, Inflation head or similar (not included).

Ideal for: those riders who don't want to carry a larger hand pump.

16g Cartridge: Fill most 26", narrower 27.5" and Road Bike tyres (one cartridge = one tyre)

25g Cartridges: More suited to wide 29" tyres and plus sized/fat bike rubber. 

Quality JetBlack Brand: Designed in Australia, Made in Taiwan

Compatible: with XTech, Birzman and most inflator heads.

Please Recycle Spent Cartridges

Requires inflator: KWT CO2 Screw Regulator Head

Inflation Recommendation for Azur Air Cartridge

Azur CO2 Air Cartridge 16G - Pressure Guide