Alligator Avid Code R Disc Brake Pads - Organic Semi Metal

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Upgrade Your Stopping Power with Alligator Avid Code R Disc Brake Pads

Extreme Stopping Power, Less Noise

Elevate your biking experience with Alligator Avid Code R Disc Brake Pads. Crafted with high-performance Organic Semi-Metal, these pads deliver extreme stopping power while minimizing noise, providing you with unparalleled control and safety on every ride.

Elevate Your Braking Performance

Improved Braking: Unleash the potential of your mountain, road, or hybrid bike with the Avid Code R Disc Brake Pads. Designed for hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, these pads offer superior braking performance, ensuring a reliable and responsive ride through diverse terrains.

Maintenance-Free Riding Experience

Noise Reduction Technology: Say goodbye to noisy rides. The organic semi-metal composition not only enhances braking power but also reduces noise levels, providing a smoother and more enjoyable cycling experience. Enjoy the freedom of maintenance-free braking with Alligator's innovative technology.

Avid Code R Disc Brake Pads - Your Trusted Choice

Quality Assurance: The HK-VX042 model is specifically engineered for Avid Code R, assuring compatibility and optimum performance. Trust in the durability and precision of Alligator brake pads to enhance your biking adventures.

Key Features:

  • Organic Semi-Metal Composition
  • Extreme Stopping Power
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Compatible with Avid Code R
  • Suitable for Hydraulic and Mechanical Disc Brakes

Elevate your biking performance for AU$25.00 (was AU$30.00). Upgrade your brakes today. Shop Now!