Alhonga HJ-806AD Alloy V Brake Set

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Experience unparalleled stopping power and control with the Alhonga HJ-806AD alloy V-brake set. Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy, these brakes are built to handle the demands of any cycling adventure, from leisurely cruises to adrenaline-pumping mountain descents.

Dual-spring power for precise braking:

The HJ-806AD's dual-spring design delivers exceptional stopping power with minimal effort. This translates to confident control on any grade, ensuring you can navigate steep hills and tight corners with ease.

Lightweight performance, built to last:

Weighing in at a mere 162 grams per wheel, the HJ-806AD won't weigh you down. This makes them ideal for performance-oriented riders who prioritize efficiency and responsiveness. But don't be fooled by their featherweight construction – these brakes are built with durability in mind, featuring rugged aluminum arms and reliable steel pipes for long-lasting performance.

Smooth modulation for a controlled ride:

The HJ-806AD's linear-type brakes offer smooth, predictable modulation, allowing you to fine-tune your stopping power for a controlled and comfortable ride. Whether you're navigating city streets or tackling technical singletrack, you can be confident in your ability to come to a safe and controlled stop.

Ready to conquer your cycling goals:

The Alhonga HJ-806AD alloy V-brake set is the perfect upgrade for any cyclist seeking powerful, lightweight, and reliable braking performance. With its sleek silver finish and standard shoe compatibility, it seamlessly integrates with most bikes, enhancing both your form and function.

Order your Alhonga HJ-806AD alloy V-brake set today and experience the difference superior braking can make on your cycling journey!


  • Arms: Melt-forged alloy
  • Arm length: 125mm
  • Tension Adjustment: Dual-spring system
  • Dimension: 20 ~ 36mm
  • Standard Shoes: HJ-601.12 (Normal Pad)
  • Front Pipe: HJ-600S.1F (Steel, 90˚)
  • Rear Pipe: HJ-600S.1R (Steel, 135˚)
  • Weight: 162g/wheel
  • Colour: Black