Abus Bordo 6000 Twinset SH 90cm - Black

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Trust in the quality of the classic: The folding lock BORDO™ 6000K offers good theft protection and practical handling.

Six 5 mm thick foldable steel rods, connected by special rivets, fold together like a folding rule – this is what the folding lock BORDO 6000K looks like. The idea is not new, the locks of the Bordo family from ABUS are now true classics, but their functionality is still unsurpassed. This is a variant that can be opened by a key. This is also indicated by the K for "Key" in the product name.

Made of specially hardened steel, the rods and housing offer high resistance. At the same time, the high-quality ABUS XPlus cylinder ensures a particularly high level of protection, e.g. against picking. A soft and at the same time resistant protection against scratches on the wheel is given by the sheathing. In addition, this makes the lock handy. The quality "Made in Germany" ensures international awards.

  • 5 mm thick rods with extra soft yet resistant sheathing to protect against paint damage
  • The rods and the housing are made of specially hardened steel
  • Connection of the rods by special rivets
  • ABUS XPlus cylinders for extremely high protection against manipulation, e.g. picking