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French cycling accessory manufacturer since 1880, as the first cycling accessory manufacturer in the world, Zefal has become a key brand in the sport's area. For more than 130 years, we apply the Zefal's unique experience and savoir-faire to our products. Zefal has been behind many historic cycling innovations.


Developed and tested by passionate riders, our products are designed and produced largely in our factory in Jargeau, near the city of Orleans. Our teams perpetuate products development so as to offer more efficient accessories through innovative technologies. The Zefal laboratories ensure the durability, performance and practicality of our products via the setting up of high-level tests: manual tests, endurance tests, strength test, leak tests... Our savoir-faire in the bicycle industry has become a real asset in the design of our products. For 130 years, there are thousands of designs, prototypes and quality tests that have been done to provide consumers with continuous innovations and quality.