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WE LOVE CANNONDALE! And here is a few reasons why you should to: 

  • Innovative Technology: Cannondale has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of bicycle technology. They invest heavily in research and development to create cutting-edge designs and materials. For example, they were one of the first companies to introduce aluminum frames to the market and have continued to pioneer new technologies such as their SAVE micro-suspension system and Lefty fork.
  • Quality Construction: Cannondale is committed to producing durable and reliable bicycles. They pay attention to detail in their manufacturing processes and use high-quality materials. Their frames are known for their strength, stiffness, and lightweight characteristics.
  • Wide Range of Models: Cannondale offers a diverse range of bicycles to suit different riding styles and preferences. Whether you're into road cycling, mountain biking, urban commuting, or recreational riding, Cannondale has options for you. They provide a variety of models with different frame materials, component options, and geometry to cater to riders of all levels and disciplines.
  • Performance and Ride Quality: Cannondale's bicycles are designed to deliver exceptional performance and a great riding experience. Their bikes are known for their responsiveness, stability, and agility, allowing riders to feel confident and in control on various terrains.
  • Racing Heritage: Cannondale has a strong presence in the professional cycling world. Their bikes have been used by successful riders and teams in various disciplines, including road racing, mountain biking, and cyclocross. The brand's commitment to performance and continuous improvement is reflected in their association with top athletes.