There’s nothing like riding in the freedom of the streets, the adrenaline kicking in and the mood lifting so high you feel like you’re flying, not riding. But regardless of how fun it is, safety must be paramount in your mentality. Bike riders are, especially compared to other forms of transport and recreation, at risk of serious bodily injury if we don’t stay safe. So, why not take some time to read up on our safety basics, and be sure to put safety first when you’re on your bike.


Let’s look at the top cycling safety tips everyone needs to know:


  • Helmet

Not wearing your helmet is not only unlawful, but it’s life-threatening. Wearing one can save your life. This is a no-excuse safety item, so be sure you wear one when out and about on your bike.


  • Stop & Look First

When you’re coming out of your driveway or laneway, don’t just ride out. There may be a car or pedestrians coming. Look both ways first – much like we do when we walk across the road.


  • Ride on the left side only

Keep on the left side of the road at all times. If there’s a bike lane, stick to it and don’t veer into the driving lanes unless there is a parked car or you absolutely have to.


  • Obey all traffic laws

If a traffic light is red, you stop. Simple. Even as a biker, you are expected to pay attention to traffic laws the same way drivers are.


  • Don’t make sudden movements

Be sure to use your hand signals when turning to give car drivers time to understand what you want to do. Don’t just turn randomly and suddenly.


  • Pedestrians are important

If people are walking or wanting to cross the street, make sure that you give way to them if they have the right of way, especially at a pedestrian crossing.


It’s important for all riders to understand these safety tips and rules to ensure everyone remains safe on the road – cyclists, drivers and pedestrians.


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March 15, 2022 — Thomas Mercier