Congratulations on purchasing your new bike. With it, you can look forward to months and even years of use, but only if you do your part to maintain it properly. Making sure your bike is serviced can prevent the need for expensive repairs, and ensure that your riding experience is a safe and enjoyable one. A common question we’re asked at is when you should service your bike. Keep reading to find out how to make this decision.


Annually, and before extensive use


In general, we recommend that bikes get serviced at least once a year, regardless of whether or not they’re having any mechanical issues. We also recommend that you go for a service if you’re about to enter your bike into a period of intensive use such as a long trip or race, or when you’ll be using it in conditions that you aren’t used to. Also, keep in mind that extreme weather can have a major impact on how your bike functions.


If issues arise in between services, act sooner so the issues don't become bigger than they need to be.

Every now and then your bike will start to act up before its scheduled service for a number of reasons, and in this case, you might need to get it serviced sooner rather than later. Some of the more common symptoms that might indicate you need to visit the workshop are; if your chains start squeaking or get loose, your gears start making strange noises or are becoming harder to engage, or if your ride in general becomes less comfortable and noisier. The great thing about bikes is that they’re relatively simple to repair, and more often than not the problem is a minor one.


Daily care goes a long way


To keep your visits to your bike workshop few and far between, and to extend your trouble-free biking time, take care to maintain your bike’s parts every other day. It just takes a couple of minutes to check your tyre’s condition and air pressure, give your brakes a once over for fraying and rusting, and ensure that your chains, levers, cleats, derailleurs and cables and are cleaned and lubricated. Also pay attention to the sounds and sensations of your bike when on the road.


The key to knowing when your bike has a problem and might need servicing is getting to know your bike. That way you’ll easily be able to detect when something’s amiss.


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March 15, 2022 — Thomas Mercier