Refund policy

Am I entitled to a Full Refund?

You are entitled to your choice of Refund, Replacement (if available) or a Similarly Valued product if:

There is a major problem with the product you have received.
Major failures to comply with a consumer guarantee, cannot be fixed or are too difficult to fix.

Am I entitled to a Repair, Exchange or Credit?

If you have a minor problem with the goods than you may be entitled to our choice of repair, exchange or credit depending on the circumstances. You are eligible if:

The item is faulty.The item that arrived to you is Damaged or not up to a reasonable expectation.The incorrect item was sent to you.Your item was damaged in transportation

You will NOT be entitled to Refund, Repair, Exchange or Credit if:

Simply change your mind or decide you do not like your purchase.Damage or used goods in an unreasonable or unintended manner.Discover you can buy the goods more cheaply elsewhere (unless the seller guarantees that the goods cannot be purchased more cheaply elsewhere).Had a defect drawn to your attention before buying (such as goods labeled as seconds with their faults clearly marked).Did not rely upon, or unreasonably relied upon, the seller’s skill or judgment when choosing a product.You do not have proof of purchase. 

* Please keep your receipt as Proof of Purchase *

A 25% restocking fee applies if you change your mind and return your purchase.
Cost of freight for all warranty claims or returns is not covered by the warranty or Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran.

For more information please visit: ACCC Repair, Replace, Refund - (external site)


 Month Repayment Period, starting at the deposit date.Minimum Deposit - 20% of the Total Price.An extension can be arranged under certain conditions.If payment has not been recieved within this period, deposit will be forefeited.Cancelling a Lay-by will incur a termination charge. This charge is your initial 20% Deposit.All of our Lay-by Terms and Conditions are in Accordance with Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

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