OnGuard Smart Alarm Series - U-Locks Keyed - 100mm x 258mm Dia 14mm

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Perfectly suited for cyclists and power sport users, Smart Alarm U-Locks offer our highest level of security in one convenient, easy-to-use design. OnGuard’s wide range of shackle lengths, optional cables, pick, pull, bump and drill resistant cylinders.

- High security locking mechanisms secure both sides of the shackle
- 14-16mm Hardened steel shackles are impervious to prying, jacking, or cutting
- Round profile and smooth edges eliminate leverage points
- Fully coated shackles and crossbar protects delicate finishes and paint jobs
- 120dB Alarm
- Auto Arm/Disarm
- Shock & Movement Sensors
- 5 laser cut keys
- Snap Lock Quick Release multiposition mounting bracket