Super B 3.5mm Spoke Wrench - Red

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Attain mechanical excellence with the SuperB Spoke Wrench 3.5mm, your key to precision wheel tuning, brought to you by Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran. Designed to match the exacting standards of seasoned cyclists and technicians, this spoke wrench is an essential tool for any serious bike maintenance kit.

Thoroughly engineered to engage 3.5mm (0.136") diameter spoke nipples, this SuperB Spoke Wrench ensures a snug fit for effective torque and minimal slippage. The high-grade steel composition offers the resilience required to withstand the rigors of regular wheel truing and maintenance, promising professional results every time.

Key Features:

  • Engineered for 3.5mm spoke nipples for a precise fit
  • Crafted from premium, durable steel for enduring quality
  • Streamlined design for comfort and control during use
  • A fundamental tool for maintaining wheel integrity and performance

The accuracy of wheel truing has profound effects on your cycling experience, influencing both stability and efficiency. Balanced wheels spin freely, granting you responsive handling and enhanced speed. With the SuperB Spoke Wrench, fine-tune your wheels to perfection, ensuring they're always ready for peak performance.

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and repair shops alike, this spoke wrench is compact for easy transport, yet mighty in its utility. Its ease of use suits it to quick trailside adjustments or comprehensive workshop overhauls.

Secure the SuperB Spoke Wrench 3.5mm from Melbourne Bicycle Centre Prahran and invest in the long-term excellence of your bicycle's performance. Step up to the mark with a tool that matches your zeal for cycling, ensuring your ride is smooth, safe, and precisely engineered for adventure.