Proviz NightRider Mens Jacket



Proviz Nightrider Jacket: A seamless fusion of the acclaimed reflective REFLECT360 material and a high-spec super visible, waterproof, and supremely breathable fabric. Experience the ultimate day-to-night versatility for year-round cycling.

Day-to-Night Excellence: The Nightrider jacket combines REFLECT360 reflective material on the arms, shoulders, and lower back, with a high-performance, super-visible colour fabric. This dynamic duo ensures uncompromised visibility whether you're cycling during the day or night, catering to your year-round cycling needs.

Reflective Marvel: Crafted with millions of embedded tiny reflective beads, the jacket's material captures and reflects light, significantly enhancing your visibility to drivers. By day, it exudes a high-visibility colour, but by night, it transforms with the highest levels of reflectivity when exposed to external light sources.

Optimal Comfort: Embrace an impeccable balance of breathability and temperature regulation with our highly breathable material (10,000 gm/24hr), while the outstanding waterproofing (10,000mm) guarantees you'll stay dry, with any excess moisture finding a swift escape.

Embrace the Nightrider: Elevate your cycling experience with the Nightrider jacket by Proviz. Embodying the fusion of technology, visibility, and comfort, it's your essential companion for conquering the day and night, rain or shine. Rediscover the joy of cycling with unrivaled confidence and safety.

  • Extremely Waterproof (10,000mm) & Waterproof storm zip
  • Extremely breathable (10,000gm/24hr)
  • Micro fleece-lined collar for added comfort and warmth
  • Quick-dry mesh lining for extra comfort
  • Reflect360 paneling on arms, shoulders, and lower back for highest visibility
  • Adjustable waistband and velcro cuff
  • Seam-sealed for extra waterproofing
  • Side pockets
  • Low-profiled rear spray guard
  • Machine washable
  • Weight - 440g
XS 89 - 94
S 94 - 99
M 99 - 104
L 104 - 109
XL 109 - 114
2XL 114 - 119
3XL 119 - 124
4XL 124 - 129
5XL 129 - 135