Leatt Helmet MTB Gravity 1.0 V23 Black

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Introducing the Leatt MTB Gravity 1.0 V23 Black Helmet - Large

Description: The Leatt MTB Gravity 1.0 V23 Black Helmet in Large size offers riders a premium full-face helmet engineered for superior ventilation and uncompromising safety. Designed with a focus on providing exceptional value, this helmet features advanced 360° Turbine Technology, incorporating energy-absorbing turbines to reduce rotational acceleration and absorb impact energy, thereby enhancing head and brain protection. With its ASTM Downhill certification and array of innovative features, the Gravity 1.0 DH helmet delivers full-face head and brain protection at an incredible price point.

Key Features:

  • ASTM Downhill Certified Polymer Shell: Crafted with an ASTM Downhill certified polymer shell available in three sizes, the helmet ensures maximum protection and durability for riders tackling challenging terrain.
  • Superior Ventilation: Enjoy superior airflow and ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable during intense rides, providing optimal performance and comfort in any riding conditions.
  • Brain Injury Reduction Technology: Equipped with 360° Turbine Technology, the helmet features energy-absorbing turbines that reduce rotational acceleration and absorb impact energy, offering advanced protection against head and brain injuries.
  • Breakaway Visor Function: The breakaway visor function enhances safety by reducing additional rotational impact forces in the event of a crash, providing added protection and peace of mind for riders.
  • Impact Foam: Incorporating impact foam for superior energy absorption, the helmet ensures enhanced overall protection and safety for riders on the trails.
  • Moisture-Wicking Inner Liner: The moisture-wicking, breathable, and washable inner liner offers optimal comfort and hygiene during extended rides, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Optimal Neck Brace Compatibility: Designed for optimal compatibility with neck braces, the helmet provides a secure and supportive fit, further enhancing safety and protection for riders.
  • Certified and Tested: Certified and tested to meet stringent safety standards, including AS/NZS 2063:2008, ASTM F1952–10, EN1078, and CPSC 1203, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind for riders.
  • 360° Turbine Technology: Featuring 360° Turbine Technology, the helmet reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30% and peak brain rotational acceleration by up to 40%, providing advanced protection against concussion.
  • Weight: With a starting weight from 850g, the helmet offers a lightweight design for enhanced comfort and maneuverability on the trails.

About Leatt: Founded by Dr. Leatt in 2001 and headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Leatt is dedicated to creating innovative sports safety products. With a team of passionate engineers and designers, Leatt constantly strives to improve and develop new products to enhance sports safety standards. Renowned for their commitment, passion, and dedication to safety, Leatt is synonymous with uncompromising quality and performance.

Elevate your riding experience with the Leatt MTB Gravity 1.0 V23 Black Helmet - Large, offering premium safety, superior ventilation, and exceptional value for riders seeking full-face protection on the trails.