Look X-Track EN-RAGE MTB Pedals

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• Use: XC Competition and leisure
• Body: aluminium
• Spindle: chromoly +
• Float: 6°
• Platform area: 545mm²
• Platform width: 63mm
• Stack height + cleats: 16.8mm (10,7 + 6,1 mm)
• Weight pedal: 210g
• Weight pair + cleats: 470g
• Guarantee: 2 years

The X-TRACK EN-RAGE range comes in two versions:
The X-TRACK EN-RAGE PLUS pedal body is made of forged aluminium. It has a 67 mm wide platform for a 664 mm² of contact surface. This provides improved stability and support, especially at high speed. The pins and ribbed pedal body ensure good grip in all circumstances, even when not clipped in.
The X-TRACK EN-RAGE pedal, again made of aluminium, but has a narrower body. It is 63 mm wide for 554 mm² of contact surface area, making it a lighter pedal. This narrower profile makes it more at home in narrow and steep single track. While still ENDURO capable, it is mainly intended as a TRAIL pedal.

Lateral contact support guides your foot in finding your pedal and provides you a point of contact even if you have not yet engaged the cleat. This wide contact area prevents your foot from sliding on the pedal body and offers consistent and reassuring support.

The mechanism works regardless of external conditions (in the mud, forces are significantly different from those encountered when dry), more space allows for the shedding of various foreign matter (mud, sand…). These zones give the user a constant and stable feeling of being securely clip-ped in, in all conditions

An adjustable tension screw allows you to fine-tune the entry/release resistance to your personal skill level.

Two cleat models are available for the X-TRACK RACE and X-TRACK EN-RAGE range. The X-TRACK CLEAT is a standard version which allows a standard lateral clip out.
The X-TRACK EASY CLEAT offers a larger clip out range with a lateral and angled release possibilities. By choosing the right cleat you can adapt your pedal performance to your needs and practice.