Blackburn Bag Outpost Elite Hitch/Bar

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Easy Access
Do you wish you could grab those keys or your phone without unpacking your entire swag? Better yet, wish you could take just a few things on a day ride without having to bring a full-blown handlebar bag? The outpost elite hitchhiker is the answer.

Compact for a Day Ride
You’re off for a day trip, you don’t need to fill a whole pannier, but keys, phone, wallet, camera and some munchies are required, take the Blackburn Outpost Elite Hitchhiker Handlebar Bag, perfect for the job. Enjoy your day out.

Access Phone and Keys Easily
You’re out for a few days, you’ve got your kit all packed, but you want easy access to your phone, camera, wallet, keys, munchies, maps, then the Blackburn Outpost Elite Hitchhiker Handlebar Bag will tie onto the outside of your handlebar roll and give you ready access to your essential daytime gear. Have a great adventure.


Mounting: 2 Short Bar Straps, 2 Long Bar Straps with G-Hooks, Multiple Lashing Points

Waterproof: Welded seams

Storage: Front Bungee, Internal Pocket

Compact: Not too big, not too small

Warranty: Lifetime

Storage: Internal Pocket, Secure Closure

Capacity: 2.5l