Your eBike’s battery is just like your new phone battery. It has a battery life and there are specific ways to take care of it so that it lasts longer and helps keep your bike ready for when you need it.


Here are some pointers to help you with your new electric bike and how to treat the battery properly:


  • After a ride


After every ride, it is important that you recharge your battery. Remember this rule. Don’t let it die on you.


  • Cleaning


Before you clean your bike, make sure you remove your battery so as to prevent any damage.


  • 100%, not more


The optimal charge you should give your battery is really to top it up to the fullest, rather than to leave it on for days on end to die out.


  • Check it’s secure


Before you ride off, make sure your eBike’s battery is clipped on securely to prevent any damage in the case of it coming loose and falling off its bracket.


  • Store it properly


If you aren’t going to be riding for a while, it’s important to remove the battery from the bike for safety. In particular, keep it out of sunlight and away from sharp objects.


  • Store at right capacity


It is recommended by professionals that the storage rate of the battery should be set at around 60%. 


  • Store at right temperature


It is damaging to your battery to store your eBike in a hot, or even in a cold place. The best is room temperature. This way the battery won’t be damaged by heat or cold.


  • Packing your batteries


There are covers available at good bike stores in Melbourne that stock different options to keep your battery in optimal condition.


How to extend your eBike’s battery life:


There are ways to extend your electric bike’s battery life, which include:


  • Keeping your tyres inflated, which can save your battery life up to 15%
  • Keeping your eBike in a good condition and serviced regularly
  • Storing your batter in a covering that will keep your battery from falling off or from being affected by cold or hot weather.


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March 15, 2022 — Thomas Mercier