It’s not the worst thing that can happen on the road, but it’s pretty much the most annoying thing in the world when your bike gets a puncture. What do you do? Do you know how to change a tyre or repair it temporarily until you can replace it properly? Also, are you aware of the methods you can take to avoid punctures once and for all?


Here is what you can do in the case of a bike puncture:


If it’s your front wheel, then it’s rather simple because it has no connection to your bike chain. However, if it is the rear, which commonly it is, then you need to follow these quick steps.


  • Loosen the nuts of the framework around your wheel
  • Take the wheel out of the frame
  • Deflate the tube entirely by exhausting the inner valve
  • With your tyre lever, put one under the wheel rim and remove the edge of the tyre; with the second lever, you can then easily remove the rest of the remaining tyre
  • Remove the tube now
  • Fill the punctured tube with a few pumps of air
  • Check the area to see where the problem is
  • Patch up your tyre or tube temporarily, or if severely punctured, have it entirely replaced
  • Now place the tube back into the tyre
  • Fill the tube with a few more pumps of air
  • Put the tyre into the rim one side at a time
  • Remove the pump and replace the screws you loosened earlier
  • Your bike should now be safe enough to ride until you can find a permanent solution.


Here is what you can do to avoid a puncture


As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure; and it applies here regarding a potential tyre puncture:


  • Avoid riding over broken glass
  • Check for glass or any other sharp impediment that may be stuck in your tyre, by slowly rubbing your finger on the inside of your tyre. Remember, very slowly as we don't want you to cut yourself
  • Replace your tyres when they are badly worn
  • Ensure your tyre pressure is correct
  • Your inner tubes must be replaced annually


Now that you have the necessary points to bear in mind regarding the health of your bike’s tyres, remember to go out there and have fun.


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March 15, 2022 — Thomas Mercier