Bike riding is more than just a mode of transport or a form of exercise, it is a lifestyle that you embrace; and as such bike riders expect exceptional service from their local bike store. If you’re just starting out as a cyclist, consider these things to look out for when choosing your bike shop.


  • Friendly and helpful staff


The first expectation is to find helpful staff who have the knowledge of different bikes and brands, and offer you the best advice to ensure you make the right purchasing decisions for your needs. Staff should be able to advise you on the various features and benefits of the different products, and can provide easy-to-digest information to riders of all levels, whether you’re a novice or expert cyclist.


  • Wide selection of bike brands and accessories


Consider the impression a well-stocked bike shop conveys as opposed to one that looks as if it is about to go out of business at any moment. Riders are more likely to support a bike business that can supply all their bike-related needs. Plus, the bigger the range the more options you have to choose from – you might even leave with a couple of bikes!


  • Competitive prices


A bike shop that has the right connections, buys in large quantities and imports directly at the best prices will be able to pass the savings onto you. If you can get good quality bikes at an affordable price, you’ve found a winner.


  • Proficient and trustworthy mechanics


Highly skilled and knowledgeable mechanics are really worth their weight in gold. Finding a shop with expert mechanics is the sure fire way to make certain that your bike will be well-serviced for a safe riding experience and long service life.


  • Quick and efficient repair turnaround time


With qualified mechanics, riders expect a fast and accurate repair service. If it is not a same-day service, or at least within reason depending on the service, then you should question what those mechanics are actually doing with your bike. Yes, they may be busy, but it’s important that you get your bike back in good time – and in good condition.


These are just some of the priorities you should look for in a bike shop. You may have more personal things that will determine what a good bike store looks like.


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March 15, 2022 — Thomas Mercier