Biking is one of the most effective forms of exercise, taking you from point A to point B while giving you a cardiovascular workout and toning your muscles. Are these benefits reserved for those that ride a standard bike, or can you enjoy them on an electric bike as well? We believe that an e-bike is just as good for you as a standard bike. Keep reading to find out why.


  • It’s the best car replacement


Replacing your car with a bike is an option that’s good for the environment, will lower your fuel and insurance costs, as well as slash the amount of time you spend in traffic. However, many people end up abandoning their bikes because struggling up hills and riding in stop-start traffic takes it from a pleasant workout to a sweaty, frustrating one. With an electric bike, you get to experience the benefit of exercise with enough power to ensure your trip goes smoothly and you can arrive at work ready to start the day.


  • It gets better as you get older


Many people end up abandoning their bikes as they age, as their joints become more vulnerable and conditions such as arthritis make movement more challenging. An e-bike requires much less physical force and power, creating less joint and limb impact as it’s easier on the back and knees. With an e-bike, you can keep riding for longer.


  • You’ll exercise more


While logic tells us that a harder ride is a more beneficial one, research indicates that an e-bike might actually increase your fitness levels by causing you to exercise for longer as well as more often. Knowing that your bike can help power you through any steep hill or awkward stretch you might come across is a great motivator to remain on the road.


  • It’s never been safer


While there’s admittedly a long way to go in terms of making Australia’s infrastructure more bike friendly, significant strides are being made in terms of the law. Victoria recently put into place road rules mandating that cars remain at least one metre away from cyclists when passing them, more if they are travelling 60 km/h.


An electric bike is an investment that is as practical as it is fun, and few people who get one regret it. Why not join them today? Search for your perfect e-bike at today!

March 15, 2022 — Thomas Mercier