Like most Australians, the winter took its toll and left you with little or no inspiration to go bike riding in the cold. If you’re just taking your bike out of storage now, you may have to follow these tips first before you go on your return ride.


These are the five essential things you must check on your bike before you ride:


  1. Tyres

Air pressure will more than likely have deflated somewhat during the winter months. You will probably have to inflate them to a satisfactory pressure in order to ensure safe, comfortable riding.


  1. Chain

If the chain is mangled or off its rotary, you will have to reset it. This could be a messy ordeal. The chain may need bike chain oil, especially if the bike has been sitting in the garage for these past few months. Apply some oil for lubrication.


  1. Brake levers & pads

Brake pads must press tightly and firmly against the tyre rim when the lever is pushed. If it is loose, it needs to be replaced immediately. Both levers should engage when pressed. If they don’t, it could mean a problematic cable.


  1. Spokes

If you lift your bike off the ground and spin each wheel you will see if it’s straight or not; if the wheel wobbles a bit, it means there is a problem with your spokes. Use a spoke wrench to tighten the spoke at the base.


  1. Safety equipment

Check to see if the batteries of your bike’s lights and reflectors are still in working order. If you do not have rear reflectors, it may be a good and safe idea to purchase some immediately. Also, is your helmet in good order? Does it still fit you properly?


Once you have performed all the necessary safety checks, and you are happy with your bike, then by all means, go out and take it for a test ride. If it doesn’t ride as well as you remember, perhaps there’s something wrong with it that you cannot diagnose yourself. Or perhaps it’s merely just too old for the road, needs to be packed away and replaced with a newer model. Whatever the case is, contact one of Melbourne’s expert bike suppliers on (03) 9529 3752.

August 31, 2021 — Thomas Mercier