Endzone Wrap Carbon-Look Handlebar Tape with Gel

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Experience Ultimate Comfort and Style on Your Ride

Upgrade your cycling experience with Endzone Wrap Carbon-Look Handlebar Tape with Gel. Engineered for ultimate comfort and style, this premium tape elevates your grip and aesthetics on the road.

Ultimate Comfort:

  • Gel-infused construction for superior cushioning
  • Becomes tacky when wet, ensuring optimal grip in all conditions

Ultimate Style:

  • Carbon look finish adds a sleek, sophisticated touch to your bike
  • UV-protected color ensures long-lasting vibrancy

Easy Installation and Durable Performance:

  • Comes with chrome bar plugs for a secure fit
  • Fade and wear-resistant for long-lasting performance


  • Carbon Look tape with gel infusion
  • Chrome bar plugs included
  • Soft, durable construction
  • Tacky texture when wet for better traction
  • Fade and wear-resistant with UV protection