Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack

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The Ultimate Storage Solution Frustrated with the current bike storage solutions available on the market, Steadyrack CEO David Steadman and his father-in-law, Ron, envisioned a rack that would meet the needs of every cyclist and bike owner across the globe; one that would save space, securely store bikes without damaging them, would be sturdy enough and easy to install, and most of all, wouldn’t require users to lift their bikes. And so, the Steadyrack Classic Rack was born! Accommodating for a wide variety of bicycles with wheel diameters up to 29 inches, bike owners can now safely and securely store their bikes with ease. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for your family’s bikes, or for your own ‘family’ of bikes, the Steadyrack Classic Rack is the leading wall-mounted bike rack every home and cyclist must have.

The Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack delivers a convenient vertical storage solution, using minimal floor space. Furthermore, with its unique swivel action, you have the option of leaving your bike in the central position or swivelling the rack to the left or right as the need arises. Allowing you to store a number of bikes side by side, making it the ideal solution for families and businesses alike.