Proline L1 Series Complete Scooter - Red

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Proline L1 Series Complete Scooter - Red: The Ultimate Beginner's Choice

Elevate Your Scootering Experience with the Proline L1 Series in Red

The Proline L1 Series Complete Scooter in Red is an exceptional choice for beginners who are ready to dive into the world of scootering. This scooter is not only designed for entry-level riders but also offers the potential for progression, making it a versatile and long-lasting option. Its striking red color adds a touch of boldness and style, making it a standout choice.

Key Features:

  • Robust Alloy Deck: The channelled alloy deck provides a solid foundation, ensuring stability and durability for all your scootering adventures.
  • High-Rebound PUC Wheels: These wheels offer a smooth ride and are perfect for both street cruising and skate park tricks.
  • Reinforced Steel Fork: Compatible with 100-120mm wheels, this fork is built to withstand the rigors of learning new tricks and skills.
  • Durable Hi-Ten Steel Handlebars: The gusseted Y bar design offers strength and reliability, ideal for beginners learning to navigate their scooter.
  • Comfortable TPR Grips: With end plugs for added safety, these grips ensure a comfortable and secure hold during rides.
  • Efficient Braking System: The rear foot steel flex brake provides reliable stopping power, essential for new riders.
  • Vibrant Red Finish: The scooter's red color is not only eye-catching but also adds an element of excitement to the riding experience.
  • Safety-Enhanced Design: Including a capped front deck for a clean finish and enhanced rider safety.

Ideal for Young Australian Riders:

The Proline L1 Series in Red is perfectly suited for young riders in Australia, offering a blend of safety, performance, and style that's ideal for those just starting out.

Why Choose the Proline L1 Series Red?

  • Beginner-Friendly Features: Tailored for new riders, this scooter provides the necessary support and stability for learning.
  • Striking Red Design: The bold red color is sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go.
  • Upgradeable for Progression: As skills develop, this scooter can be easily upgraded, making it a smart investment for growing riders.

Kickstart Your Scootering Journey with Proline L1 Series Red:

The Proline L1 Series Complete Scooter in Red is the perfect way to introduce yourself or your child to the exciting world of scootering. With its robust build, safety features, and eye-catching design, it's a fantastic choice for those ready to explore and enjoy the thrill of riding on two wheels.


Deck: Channelled Alloy deck 110 x 500mm
Grip Tape: 80AB black
Fork: Reinforced steel
Rims-Spokes: Nylon
Wheels: PUC 110mm High rebound
Wheel Bearing: ABEC 7
Stem: Double welded rectangle extruded
Handlebars: Hi Ten steel 58cm H x 54cm guessted T bar
Grips: 170mm TPR with end plugs
Headset: Slimstack semi-sealed, threaded
Clamp: Alloy two bolt
Brakes: Rear foot steel flex brake
Extras: Front of the deck is capped for a clean finish and enhanced rider safety


Recommended:      5+ years 100kg