PowerPod BLE/ANT Power Meter

$399.00 $439.00


You don't swap-out wheels, cranks or pedals. Instead, PowerPod installation is incredibly easy: 

1) Attach the PowerPod mount to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!)

2) Pair the PowerPod to your bike computer's ANT speed or speed/cadence sensor

3) Pair your Garmin or other ANT bike computer to your PowerPod

Then, just ride!


The PowerPod has just one button and one "status light". It is an absolute breeze to set up.

Your Garmin or ANT bike computer displays and records PowerPod power, and other cycling measurements.

After the ride, if you wish you can use Velocomp's free Isaac software for PC/Mac, to view detailed power, wind speed, bike speed, elevation, slope, and more!

PowerPod transmits its data in ANT+ and (optionally) Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).


PowerPod moves effortlessly from bike-to-bike. Use the same PowerPod with all your bikes; you simply attach it (and your bike computer, of course!) to the bike you're riding today. PowerPod automatically detects which bike you're riding, and readjusts its internal settings for best performance.