Moon Cerberus USB 150L Rear Light

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Flash Mode Ensures Daytime Visibility The body of the MOON CERBERUS 150lm Rear Light contains an internal battery which recharges via USB cable. Taking only 2hrs to fully charge from flat it will serve you very well in flash mode on short daytime commutes providing up to 105 minutes' worth of high strength lighting or up to 140 hours of "daytime flash" safety light. Rubber O-Ring Attachment The light attaches to the bike using one of the 3 x rubber O-rings provided. This ensures you can fit it to any shape of handlebar or seatpost from 20mm to 52mm in diameter, including your Aero options. Enjoy your ride!


• Dimensions: 18 x 27 x 64mm (W x D x H)
• Maximum Brightness: 150 Lumens
• Mounting: Quick Release O-Rings supplied
• Mount Options: Fits seatpost diameters from 20mm-52mm
• Rubber pad: (fits AREO/ ISP PROPEL / Standard)
• Power Source: 500 mAh Li-Po built-in battery (3.7V)
• Battery Life Indicator: Low battery | Charging | Fully Charged
• Max Run Time: 140hrs
• Re-charge Time: 2hrs
• Re-charge Cable: USB-C Type Cable (supplied)
• Weight: 35g
• Standards: FL-1 | ANSI tested
• Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
• Suits: Urban Commute | MTB | Road | All General Cycling



• Moon 150 lumens bicycle tail-light
• COB LED Super-bright red lights
• 3-directional visibility
• Variable Lumen System - Set My Lumen
• USB Rechargeable
• Ideal commuter light
• Aero compatible
• Side visibility delivers 270° exposure
• Lightweight and compact safety beacon
• Water resistant (IPX7)
• Quick-release O-Ring mount-system
• 140hrs maximum runtime
• RoHS compliant
• Recharges in just 2hrs
• USB plugs into wall or computer USB socket
• Rubber end cap protects male USB recharging plug
• Battery built-in (500 mAh Li-Po rechargeable)
• Automatic fully charged cut-off system
Box Contents
1 x Cerberus Rear Light
1 x CE-PP (Rubber Pad)
1 x Mount Strap O-Ring (RS-D) fits 20-26mm
1 x Mount Strap O-Ring (RS-E) fits 26-35mm
1 x Mount Strap O-Ring (RS-F) fits 35-52mm
1 x USB-C Recharging cable

Run Times: Mode 1 (Steady)
Lumen: 25
Runtime: 3.5hrs
VLS: 50-5 (Variable Lumen System)
VLS Runtime: 1:45hrs - 18:15hrs

Run Times: Mode 2 (Steady)
Lumen: 50
Runtime: 1:45hrs
VLS: 50-5 (Variable Lumen System)
VLS Runtime: 1:45hrs - 18:15hrs

Run Times: Flash
Lumen: 25
Runtime: 20:15hrs
VLS: 100-10 (Variable Lumen System)
VLS Runtime: 5:00hrs - 44:15hrs

Run Times: Steady Flash
Lumen: 25
Runtime: 13:15hrs
VLS: 100-10 (Variable Lumen System)
VLS Runtime: 6:15hrs - 17:15hrs

Run Times: Daytime Flash
Lumen: 150
Runtime: 19:00hrs
VLS: 150-10 (Variable Lumen System)
VLS Runtime: 19:00hrs - 140:00hrs