FUNN Updown Dropper Post - 31.6

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The UpDown is an internally routed dropper post with a cable-operated design. It is available in 125mm and 150mm drop options and comes with Funn's much-loved, fully CNC’d lever.

The lever, a work of art in its own right, has been praised by riders and the media. It has a large, comfortable thumb-paddle and a smooth, easy-to-use action. It can be mounted left or right, top or bottom and works with posts that tension either from the lever or from the post.

The UpDown dropper uses a first-of-its-kind RCR Cartridge which allows users to reset the post’s hydraulic circuit and keep the unit working good as new for longer. Post maintenance is quick, easy and inexpensive and spares are available direct from Funn when you need them.

The UpDown looks similar on the outside, but it uses a different design than many other posts currently on the market. The cartridge has an outer and inner tube which contain compressed air and hydraulic oil. When the actuator is in a closed position, the seatpost is locked out and the hydraulic oil contained in the inner chamber supports the rider's weight.

When the actuator opens and dropper compresses, oil flows from the inner chamber to the outer chamber and compressed air enters the upper part of the inner chamber. At full compression, the piston pushes both hydraulic oil and unwanted air from the inner tube.

When the cartridge rebounds from full compression, compressed air pushes the piston shaft upwards and only the hydraulic oil gets sucked into the inner chamber. This way, the cartridge can effectively reallocate both air and oil back to its proper designated locations in the system. This ability to self-restore and refresh theoretically means lower maintenance and no "bobbing" or "sinking" issues with the dropper.

Technical Info:

Material: AL7050
Cable Routing: Internal
Diameter: 30.9mm, 31.6mm
Travel: 125mm, 150mm
Length: 396mm, 458mm
Weight: 550-625g depending on diameter/drop
Remote weight: 35g