DT Swiss E 1800 Spline Wheelset + Tyres

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Reliable. Robust. Forward driven: this wheelset is made to quicken your commute, the spontaneous midday ride or simply to win your next town-line sprint.


A reliable wheelset for the daily commuters, navigating their way through the city with speed and comfort. For the ones, deciding for a quick lunch-break ride instead of spending time checking their social media accounts. For those, who burn up the miles during their daily training rides in the evening: Equipped with wide, light aluminum alloy rims, in rim heights of 23 or 32mm, a reliable Spline hub and aerodynamically optimized spokes, the E 1800 Spline is your all-in-one carefree package for your daily challenges.


  • HUB TYPE 370 with 3 Pawl
  • RIM Aluminum, Hooked / Crotchet tubeless TC
  • RIM HEIGHT 23 mm, 32 mm
  • SPOKES DT aero comp® wide straightp, DT new aero® straightpull



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