CatEye Padrone Wireless Computer PA100W

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Cateye Padrone Cycle Computer with large screen. The good people at Cateye listened to requests for a larger screen, whats really important is they have managed to increase the screen size whilst keeping the profile slim. 


  • Large Screen (85% larger)
  • Slim profile (22% thinner)
  • Current speed, Total distance, Trip distance, Elapsed time, Average speed, Maximum speed, Wireless transmission, Speed, Clock
  • Auto power saving: Yes
  • Auto mode: Yes


Current speed: 0.0(4.0)~99.9km/h [0.0(3.0) - 65.9 mph] 
Total distance: 0.0~99999.9km [mile] 
Trip distance: 0.00~9999.99km [mile] 
Elapsed time:  0:00'00"~99:59'59"
Average speed: 0.0(4.0)~99.9km/h [0.0 - 65.9 mph] 
Maximum speed: 0.0(4.0)~99.9km/h [0.0(3.0) - 65.9 mph] 
Wireless transmission: Speed [analog sensor] 
Clock: 0:00'~23:59' [1:00'~12:59']
Auto power saving: Yes
Auto mode: Yes 
Tire size:  100mm~3999mm (default:2096mm) 
Battery: Computer : CR2032 X1 Sensor:CR2032 X1
Battery life:     Computer:approx 1 year (1hr use per day)Sensor:approx 10,000 km [6,250 miles] in total distance 
Dimension: 67.5 X 43.0 X 14.5mm
Weight:  31.5 grams