Bike Hand Prontool Bicycle Tool Kit

$129.95 $139.95

Don't settle for cheap imitations.


  • Includes the perfect combination of 27 Bike Tools
  • Superior quality tools and comfortable grip
  • Meets most of bicycle maintenance and repair demands
  • Ideal DIY home bike tool set for cranksets, headsets, chains, Bottome Brackets etc.
  • Durable and portable case
  • For Shimano use


  • Chain river extractor
    For Shimano UG, HG, VG chain and with one extra removing pin/chain pin
  • 5mm flat screwdriver / Phillips screwdriver
  • Dust cap wrench
  • Chain ring nut wrench
    For fixing the bolt of chain ring
  • Tyre lever set
  • 8mm hex key wrench / square adaptor
  • Pedal wrench
    15mm spanner, 14/15mm socket wrench
  • Freewheel turner
  • Bottom Bracket wrench
    For Shimano Hollowtech II BB.
  • Hub cone spanner 13/14/15/16mm
  • Lock ring remover
    For Shimano cassette lock ring, use with 1/2" driver and 24mm spanner
  • Crank puller
    For Shimano splined BB., oversized BB. and ISIS drive
  • Spoke wrench (0.127" / 0.130" / 0.136")
  • Cartridge BB. tool
    For Shimano cartridge BB. and ISIS drive
  • 3mm flat screwdriver
    For derailleur adjustment
  • T25
  • Hex key wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm
  • Patch kit