ENVE SES 3.4AR Tubeless Disc ENVE Alloy Hub All Road Wheelset (Shimano/SRAM 11sp)

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Aerodynamic, High Volume The SES 3.4 AR is a truly modern road wheel, offering an aerodynamic advantage over the competition for riders who prefer the benefits of 28-32mm tyres.

Modern Versatility

Road riders, frame manufacturers, and tyre makers have all caught the high volume vision. As more bikes are created that can accommodate tyre clearances up to 32mm, ENVE have expanded their range to include the SES 3.4 AR, a more versatile version of the climber friendly SES 3.4 Road wheelset.

The Definitive Modern

Road Wheelset The SES 3.4 AR is the definitive modern road wheelset and is aerodynamically optimized to maximize drag reduction when paired with high volume 28mm to 32mm tubeless compatible road tyres. While frontal area is increased slightly with these wider tyres, the coefficient of rolling resistance is reduced to a level that more than counteracts the losses in aero efficiency due to the dimensions of the wheel and tyre combination. Like all SES wheelsets, the SES 3.4 AR is developed on a foundation of real world performance and was optimized at speeds as low as 20mph/32kph to ensure aero efficiencies are attained by riders of all abilities.

Carbon Fibre Disc Brake Specific Construction

The SES 3.4 AR features a full carbon fibre disc brake specific construction to maximize weight savings, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking an adept climbing wheel. Consequently, the SES 3.4 AR is the lightest road wheel on the market in its category. Given the wheel’s intent for mountain and mixed surface riding on high volume tyres, riders seeking more confidence when descending technical mountain descents will find their solution in the SES 3.4 AR. The additional tyre volume means more traction, inspiring confidence over the most variable road surfaces.

Optimized For Road Tubeless Performance

To further ensure mixed and all road performance, the SES 3.4 AR has been optimized for road tubeless performance and features a hookless bead design that allows for the precise rim dimensions required to achieve the best tubeless performance.

Puncture Protection

To further tubeless tyre and rim reliability, the full carbon wheelset features ENVE’s patent pending Wide Hookless Bead which is a design element at the leading edge of the rim that provides a surface that when impacted, will reduce the likelihood of pinch flat in a tubeless tyre. With these features, and an internal rim width of 25mm the SES 3.4 AR may also be used with tyres greater than 32mm and ridden in mixed surface road events when aerodynamics are prioritized. Because this technology reduces the likelihood of a pinch-flat, the rim becomes less susceptible to impact damage, raising ENVE’s own bar of reliability.

Rim Specifications • Depth: Front 49mm, Rear 55mm

• Internal Width: Front 25mm, Rear 25mm

• External Width: Front 31mm, Rear 30.5mm

• Hole Count: Front 24, Rear 24

• Effective Rim Diameter: Front 558mm, Rear 547mm

• Aero Optimized Tyre Size: 28c (Only Tubeless-Ready Tyres May Be Used on These Rims) Hub Specifications

• Material: Front Aluminium, Rear Aluminium

• Disc Interface: CentreLock

• Weight: Front 126g, Rear 250g

• Hole Count: Front 24, Rear 24

• Spoke Type: Front J-Bend, Rear J-Bend

• Lacing Pattern: Front 2x/2x, Rear 2x/2x

• End Caps: Front Aluminium: Rear Aluminium

• Axle: Front 12x100, Rear 12x142

• Freehub: Front N/A, Rear Shimano/SRAM HG Spoke Configuration

• Hole Count: Front 24, Rear 24

• Spoke Type: Front J-Bend, Rear J-Bend

• Lacing Pattern: Front 2x/2x, Rear 2x/2x