Scooter Boy Ultra X Electric Scooter

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The future is here

Meet the Ultra X as it takes the electric scooter to new heights. A newfound freedom in a city wilder than you once thought.

Iconic by design

Get there quick if you must, roam further if you wish. Your battery is not the only one with autonomy on this ride. Your mind has gained its freedom, too.

Step ahead

Push down, and the single-speed motor makes any ride an effortless one. No need to reach for another gear, the assistance intuitively kicks in.


LCD Display

The onboard LCD display shows the rider's speed in km/h, riding mode, state of battery, as well as a maintenance indicator. The unit also supports Bluetooth connectivity.


Front LED Lighting

Equipped with a 2.5w high-brightness LED light designed to illuminate the path ahead of you and increase your visibility to others around you.

Spring Suspension

Front engineered suspension helps improve the ride comfort, quality and experience by absorbing bumps in the road. 




  • Unfolded: 1010mm x 440mm x 1190mm

  • Folded: 1010mm x 440mm x 460mm


  • 13 kg


  • Ultra Matte Black

Frame Material

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum


  • German 350W Hub Motor


  • Brand: Yonglida 

  • Technology: Lithium Ion

  • Range: Up to 25km

  • Charging time: 3.5 hours

  • Capacity: 7.8Ah + 5.2Ah

  • Cycles: Approximately 1,000 charge cycles


  • Voltage 36V


  • Up to 25km/h


  • Front and rear LED lights. Rear light intensifies as brakes are used.

  • Coloured LED side ambient lighting, all powered by the LCD display.


  • 200mm honeycomb tire. Air-filled in front and solid at the rear.


  • Front kinetic regenerative braking system. Rear foot controlled braking system.

Climbing Capacity

  • 15 Degrees