E-Glide D150 V2 Dual Motor Electric Scooter

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  •  350W dual motor performance
  •  Selectable front, rear or dual motor torque modes
  •  Large 15AH Battery
  •  8.5” pneumatic tyres deliver a smooth, grippy ride
  •  2 speed modes for ride customisation
  •  Simple to fold and easy to carry
  •  IP54 water resistance rating


If you need increased hill climbing performance and acceleration in a portable electric scooter for daily use. Then the e- Glide D150 Dual Motor is your ticket to ride.


With it’s dual 350W motors mounted in the front and rear, the e-Glide D150 will help you eat up the hills. You can dial in just the right amount of power by selecting the front, rear or dual motor torque modes at the push of a button. All three torque modes are selectable in speed levels 1 & 2.


Fitted with 8.5” pneumatic tyres the e-Glide D150 has a smooth responsive feel, while the internal 15AH battery travels a maximum range up to 45km.

To counteract the sporty performance of the e-Glide D150 a low-maintenance, a cable pull rear disc brake with large rotor delivers amazing braking performance so you're always in control.

Head out on every ride with confidence thanks to the e-Glide D150’s iP54 water resistance rating and anti-slip rubber footplate, just in case you forget to check the weather.

Stay safe and stand out with the bright LED headlight and tail/brake light as well as front and rear side reflectors equipped on the e-Glide D150.

With a quick-release folding latch and a total weight of 14kg, the e-Glide D150 is ready to be carried in seconds so you can take it with you wherever your day goes.

Connect your scooter to your smartphone via the TUYA Smart app to change settings and customise your ride experience. 

Helpful tips to set up the Tuya Smart App are in the Specs & Manuals. 

How to put your e-Glide D150 V2 into Bluetooth pairing mode:
● Before attempting to pair the scooter, ensure you have the Tuya Smart app installed on your phone.
● With the scooter powered off, pull and hold the brake lever.
● Continue to hold the brake lever and push and hold the power button to turn the scooter on.
● Continue holding the brake lever and power button while "F1" flashes on the display.
● Once you hear a beep, release the brake lever and power button.
● You may now open the Tuya Smart App then follow the instructions in the e-Glide D150 manual to pair your scooter.

e-Glide D150 v2 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand e-Glide
Model D150 v2 Dual Motor
Recommended Ages 14yrs + (Riders Under 16 Must Have Adult Supervision)
Shipping Weight 15.5kg
e-Scooter Weight 14kg
Max Speed* 25km/h
Max Range* 45km
Max Hill Climb* 27% Gradient
Motor 350W Front + 350W Rear
Battery 36V 15Ah
Charge Time 5-6 hrs
Tyres 8.5"Pneumatic Street
Brakes Front Electric & Rear Disc
Suspension None
Lights LED Front Head, Rear Tail and Responsive Brake
Display Speed, Battery, Drive Modes & Power Modes
Power Modes 2 (Selectable in Front, Rear or Dual Motor Torque Modes)
Max Weight Load 120kg
IP Rating IP54
Scooter Dimensions (Unfolded) 1130mm x 500mm x 1150mm
Scooter Dimensions (Folded) 1130mm x 500mm x 480mm
Ground Clearance 85mm
Deck Height 150mm
Bar Width 500mm
Foot Space 160mm x 390mm
Additional N/A